March Code for 10 Free Gems


Enter it into ur Coupon Code box under account



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    11shannon11 said,


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    amber said,

    hi thnx for the gems do u have any more coupons for more gems i really need some!!!!

  3. 49

    11shannon11 said,

    They only give us one a month =(

  4. 52

    amber said,

    oh sorry thnx anyway cheers hope u add some each month !!!

  5. 53

    pingoperson said,

    how did u get the code?

  6. 62

    amber said,

    is that video that blonde girl u i dont like all the language used abou raping and stuff lol

  7. 64

    kbate11 said,

    *wonts to make a new blog* xD

  8. 65

    11shannon11 said,

    i get an email every month from ourworld.. everyone should, if u check the email that ur account is under

  9. 69

    kbate11 said,

    secret every MONTH!? i havent been checking my Junk i need to check my Junk more often -.-”

    • 70

      Water123lily said,

      Actually i think the ptoblem is is that u need to select weather or not u want to get the ourworld ‘newsletter’ by e- mail

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    gilman xx said,

    thx so much for gems

  11. 72

    Xx zoe xX said,

    when u`ll get another code ?

  12. 74

    BaMiTzItSSuM1FaR2CoOl4uHaHa said,

    were do u type in the gem code on ourworld?

  13. 76

    xxHottiexx said,


  14. 77

    _-BHEYZIE-_ said,




  15. 78

    Twilight012 said,

    hello u guys i no the gems is got to be once in a month
    so be patient lol

  16. 79

    add cuddle kid said,

    i cnt wait for the nxt gem code cause i need bad gems y cnt u put on like to a mont hor somert

  17. 80

    hotboyigli said,

    how can i get gems every month here?

  18. 84

    Ketten said,

    plz give me some cupponsssss

  19. 85

    hotboyigli said,

    the march code doesnt work

  20. 86

    BustaRyhmes2 said,


  21. 87

    Kat said,

    aww its expired whats the april one?

  22. 88

    iSami104 said,

    My user on Our world is iSami104 ..Hehhe lykk me name x]
    But this coupon is expired now x[ huff

  23. 89

    patrisha10 said,

    this code has expired! give us the other one!

  24. 90

    add cuddle kid said,

    add cuddle kid also im a fast lvler and i need hose gems bad

  25. 91

    ahmad khairullah said,

    ty dude tanks

  26. 92

    Anonymous said,

    thnx for the gems

  27. 93

    hotboyigli said,

    why isn’t ourworld working? does any body knows?

  28. 94

    siennacheer said,

    yea. well if you went to it a certain way it went to a blank page, but if you just do now it works.

    siennacheer is my person you can group me if you want.

  29. 95

    Anonymous said,

    is it expired

  30. 96

    Anonymous said,

    add lis27 she is sooooooo nice trust me

  31. 97

    JK777 said,

    does anyoe have money cheat

  32. 98

    JK777 said,

    24d382fl8e92ed68 is the only code working but the bad thing is it can be only once used

  33. 99

    Jamie said,

    that was 4 me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. 100

    JK777 said,

    yup i know that it thats what it happened to me

  35. 101

    JK777 said,

    plz anyone know anyother code

  36. 102

    barbii emo said,

    the new code is..
    there ya go guys xxx

  37. 103

    JK777 said,

    24d382fl8e92ed68 is the code is said

  38. 104

    JK777 said,

    and thats only code

  39. 105

    Anonymous said,

    heyy umm i tryed but it dosent workk damit -.-“

  40. 106

    larcombe1234 said,

    do u know any more coupons?

  41. 107

    adriana said,

    oh expire >:o

  42. 109

    Kids Master said,


  43. 110

    Makalya2 said,

    Hey do u know if they’ll ever be coupon gems….I need gems…..I don’t know any coupons now…..

  44. 112

    Ketten said,

    i want a cupon what not expired…plz…

  45. 113

    cherry said,

    can u plizzzzzz send me some codes 2 my email plizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz itz

    and im cherrys123 in ourworld πŸ˜›

  46. 114

    gyli said,

    hey shannon this coupon is not expired,,,, i enter this code in coupon and say coupon has expired and not occur pls give one code but not for 10 gems i have for 10 gems pls and ppl

  47. 116

    nicahboo said,

    plz give me any code and jaz add me at our world my email is

  48. 117

    lil ash dude said,

    is ther eney more then 10 gem codes

  49. 118

    Jay said,

    plz give me any gem codes as many as possible at my email XD.

  50. 119

    hottieboyxx said,

    does ourworld rly work?? :O …… doesn’t it say that u need to install the adobe flash player??

  51. 120

    Tammy said,

    oh can you plx give me some gem codes for ourworld plx……………thx
    im desprete

  52. 121

    crazymuffin07 said,

    whats april’s code?

  53. 122

    Kimberley said,

    Please Please, Could you give me some codes for gems. I really need some gems as i have only got 4 gems. Thank you!! πŸ˜›

  54. 127

    arwin said,


    can i ask u if u got this months code to get gems i really need some if u do plz awser me


  55. 129

    Hey Whats The March Code I Really Need It! .. I Would Apreciate If You Would Put it.

  56. 131

    Please I Really Need It!

  57. 132

    pINKgUM said,

    OMG! U actually made a web for ourworld..ur really popular on ourworld shannon!

  58. 133

    Anonymous said,


  59. 134

    mesupercool1 said,

    :O your 5hannon from! x’D im mesupercool1 from ourworld! your really cool! XP TeeHee

  60. 136

    Ruby Spark said,

    Hey, everyone, my username on OurWorld is Ruby Spark

    ADD Me plz

  61. 137

    Ruby Spark said,

    My username is Ruby Spark click the link and become a member…

  62. 138

    markvincent said,

    ei can someone send me a working ourworld coupon plss my name in the ourworld is MaRkViNcEnT and my email is

  63. 140

    Blondie moni said,

    I need coupon codes that’ll give me 10-20 gems!!!! 😦

    • 141

      11shannon11 said,

      i have a code that will give you 50 gems!!! u want it???? -rolls eyes- ppl read the blog!!!!!!

  64. 142

    fer! said,

    hey i’m momo098 from ourworld can i have a coupon!? plz i’m poor in gems… lol

    • 143

      11shannon11 said,

      uh huh… ya.. i have a secret stash of codes im keepin hidden.. and will give it to you.. cuz u left ur name.. and a comment.. ya.. cuz its not like EVERYONE ON HERE IS WANTING A CODE!! THERE ARE NO CODES PPL!!!! THERE IS ONE THAT KIRA GAVE ME LISTED IN THE CODES CATAGORY.. THAT… IS … THE .. ONLY… DAMN …. CODE!!!! …. great.. now my throat hurts. 😦

  65. 146

    J.c said,

    Lols heyys mind giving me some Coupon πŸ˜› i sorta need gems badly , well my character name is : UnTrusTedaZn
    and my e-mail is : —- i prefer not too tell haha πŸ˜€ but yea
    can u please gimme some coupon codes =P would be nice if u did

  66. 147

    J.c said,

    omg! are u tht character girl name 5hanoon ?? or something like tht πŸ˜€
    if u are thts like well…. u know AWS0ME!!!! heehee

  67. 148

    a said,

    i have the code for may!!!! here it is: 24d382fl8e92ed68

    hope you like the ten jems

    PS plz add me my user is abby09

  68. 149

    a said,

    sorry i meant gems not jems


  69. 150

    ohsosweetxjn said,

    does anyone have anymore gem codes? πŸ™‚

    btw add me: ohsosweetxjn


  70. 151

    MoonGlam58 said,

    Hey! I’ve seen you beforre, add me on ourworld MoonGlam58.

  71. 152

    Alandria said,

    hey that code expire already give a new one anyway my user on ourworld is Alandria add me if u like that gos 4 any1

  72. 153

    aymane said,

    hoooo desse game is sooo col!!

  73. 154

    Jennifer said,

    No, 24d382fl8e92ed68 is not the May code, it is the APRI code, I am still waitin’ for the May code

    • 155

      11shannon11 said,

      actually its not a “month” code at all, its just a generic code that doesnt expire. there hasnt been a new code since the begining of march

  74. 156

    Jennifer said,

    Umm, hey! You said you had a gem code for 50 gems! This is only for TEN gems!

  75. 157

    JK777 said,

    sry Jennifer but they lie its not for 50 gems it only for 10 gems

  76. 158

    JK777 said,

    Hey everyone plz chect it out plz i beg u: and plz if u want to join plz join it from here

  77. 159

    JK777 said,

    if anyone wants to add me plz add me on our world name JK 777

  78. 160

    Vivian said,

    I need a code for gems……SOMEONE PLEASE TELL ME ALL OF THEM!!

  79. 161

    Slipknot15 said,

    plz click this and be a member i need gems so baddly

  80. 163

    Slipknot15 said,

    nvm wont come up 😦

  81. 164

    hey wazz up said,

    i want gems ppl plz find more codes uhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  82. 165

    thahmina said,

    hi plz tell me some codes

  83. 166

    XshizukoX said,

    LOOK ME UP!!!!!!!
    I HAVE…. I THINK ONE GEMS CODE AND IT’S {24d382fl8e92ed68}
    oopsss nvm i see some people aall ready posted it k well PEACE!!

  84. 167

    Anonymous said,

    yo its me shane add me ppl also comment and gift me fnd me my name is shane11235

  85. 168

    sexxyyy mommmmma said,

    heyyyy im niccolo

  86. 169

    isim said,

    Thanks a lot, I earned 10 gems, you are great! πŸ™‚
    my name is isim in the game. add me πŸ˜‰

  87. 170

    Ruby Spark said,

    SHANNON, plz add me im: Ruby Spark

    whats your name shannon,ps is that really u in the new photo?

  88. 174

    tatyanna said,

    that dos not work

  89. 175

    11shannon11 said,

    guyz you have to be patient do not ask for another gem because i only get ONE ONCE A MONTH!!!

    un less you want a fake one here you go: 5GJD781GSDF3HG54
    soooo if you want a new one that is NOT expired you have to be patient and dont ask a question similar to the ones i have on my blog bcoz that means you are not reading my blog and i wont anser it again ok?
    thank you.

    • 176

      11shannon11 said,

      stop pretending to be me or zane… yes i know the other comment was also u.. my comments have my pic πŸ˜› urs dont

  90. 177

    zane said,

    hey yall wassup?
    umm hey shannon ii like dis website but mine’s beta (no offence) btw howdya put a pic on ur comment anser that! its not on ur blog ok anyway bye..cheers!!

  91. 199

    sabrina said,

    heyy shannon πŸ˜€ im new 2 this page- newayz THX so much!! plz add me!1! my ourworld name is: IAmSugarSweet (lvl 24 right now)

  92. 200

    Jennifer said,

    Um, this is a really weird question, Idk why im askin’ it, and I’m probably goin’ to sound like an idiot, but , wait, OMG i forgot it! grr, lol, I will ask you in my next comment if i remember, lolz, sorry

  93. 201

    Jennifer said,

    WOW level 61! WOW! how much flow you need???

  94. 203

    snowgirl1313 said,

    heyya πŸ˜€ its bella :DD if you talk to me first add me im snowgirl1313

    and btw Wright361 ILY forever <33 lol

  95. 204

    Nicole said,

    Hey Shan, Im x Rocky x on ourworld, maybe we could chat some time

  96. 205

    Nicole said,

    Hey Shan, Im x Rocky x on ourworld, maybe we could chat sometime xD

  97. 206

    Nicole said,

    Oh dam I left 2 comments LMAO O_O weirdness haha πŸ˜€ anyway love your ourworld character

  98. 207

    nasko said,

    hey cool blog BTW πŸ˜‰

  99. 208

    Maddie said,

    in setting just tick the box saying FREE GEMS NEWSLETTER and codes will be send to you every month.

  100. 209

    girlygirl121 said,

    hey shannon!! i was wonderin if u can send me the codes… my email wont get it 4 sum reason

  101. 210

    XxlovexX said,

    wow, Its may now i dont need a march code!

  102. 212

    XxlovexX said,

    i mean…. June!

  103. 213

    XxlovexX said,

    My Our World person is:

    i’m lvl 29

  104. 219

    jowan said,

    Have u got the new 1

  105. 220

    jowan said,

    im lonely

  106. 221

    jowan said,

    Add me im skater rules

  107. 223

    Dezzi said,

    Heyy i herd that there was a code for 50 gems going around do you know if it is real or fake?

  108. 227

    JK 777 said,

    oooo.nice shannon

  109. 228

    Anonymous said,

    CAN I HAVE A COUPON PLZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  110. 229

    Biencutza said,

    I need cupon for June…who can help me?:D:D:D

  111. 230

    Biencutza said,

    My name is 4ketten4 in ourworld and I am lvl 33 :D:D:D

  112. 231

    add me on ourworld im lvl 100!
    name: veronica
    lol and i have lots of other accounts!
    like eg.
    leah 311
    And many more….

  113. 236

    jdtj said,

    that doesnt worlk

  114. 237

    Midray said,

    pls give me a code im lvl 6

  115. 238

    Alyson said,

    heres two. they work, used them yesterday



  116. 240

    erniux15 said,

    Who can send the coupon code pls in ourworld my name is erniux

  117. 242

    joe521 said,

    you suck

  118. 243

    Kimberley said,

    The june code is:

  119. 244

    dogsrule said,

    i need gems does anyone hav coupons im desparture

  120. 245

    dogsrule said,

    i need gem codes im despature

  121. 249

    Lauren said,

    I miss yew shan:(

  122. 250

    rudi135 said,

    d codes r not working

  123. 251

    Anonymous said,

    hello hanon…

  124. 252

    Ashmee said,

    I Know Three Coupon Codes




  125. 253

    Ashmee said,

    I Know Three Coupon Codes:




  126. 254

    whatsup4pink said,

    8047-D79A-EF08-65C3 code for 20 gems

  127. 256

    erniux15 said,

    who can send gems code ? invite in ourworld : erniux

  128. 257

    alina said,

    hi everyone want to tell me the copons so i will hae allot of gems

  129. 258

    alina said,

    i need gems and copons

  130. 260

    Silly Gurl100 said,

    i kno only 3 codes




  131. 261

    Angel Light said,

    I need more gem codes does anyone have any new ones?

  132. 262

    im soooooo happy i have over 40 gems

  133. 263

    Mitsa13 said,

    How can I get coupons by e-mail? I have chosen the box which says e-mail me one every month, but they don’t!!!

  134. 264

    roxas834 said,

    hey 10 gems only aww man why

  135. 265

    roxas834 said,

    hey im roxas834 heres a gem code

  136. 266

    roxas834 said,

    hey add me name roxas834

  137. 267

    roxas834 said,


  138. 268

    JK 777 said,

    I feel lonely

  139. 269

    RoxyBabe said,

    it doesnt work, ???? whats the june and july code? tell me when you find out plzzzzzzzzzzzz??!! thx lol, and my username is x Sandy x πŸ™‚ im on lvl 100!!! whoohoo

  140. 271

    lalalandlover said,


  141. 272

    hi my name in ourworld is vini dj im level 24 i have 1976 money and 5 gems

  142. 273

    pila said,


  143. 274

    Anonymous said,


  144. 275

    Anonymous said,

    hola!! I’m Ambee246 on ourworld! I’m level 30! ^_^

  145. 276

    selena gomez said,

    ik in level 34 and my name is indra45

  146. 277

    Sam said,

    do u know the july gem code for i’m a resdient and still have not received a code if u get one plz contact me on my name is Samii813 thanx so much XD

  147. 278

    ::...Alice...:: said,

    which is the code coupon for this month?

  148. 279

    Anonymous said,

    im lvl 22

  149. 280

    lilly said,

    how do u get da jem coads?

  150. 283

    MILSSA said,

    OMG i just need a fucking gem code lol

  151. 284

    Bianca said,

    I need the code for julie

  152. 285

    Anonymous said,

    im on lvl 28

  153. 286

    ~Jojoe14 said,

    hey this is Jojoe14 the new code is 6DD4A907580C6CFB

  154. 287

    Chantelle said,

    none work have u got july ones

  155. 288

    xoxDonutwomanxox said,

    hey ppl add me Creamdonut5!!!

  156. 290

    Anonymous said,


  157. 291

    Rach said,

    I know July gem code!!!!! Im rachychik add me on Ourworld! Here is the gem code you have all been waiting for: 975C9F03E8EE8D49

    Thanks, rachychik

  158. 292

    water123lily said,

    okay so um im level 27 and stuff but what really bothers me is how much flow it takes to level up! plz reply if u know a quicker way to gain flow withought buygin flow boosters (i have no gems) thanks!

  159. 295

    AlyssaIno777 said,

    Huh many expired coupons. :S any new or can be used coupons?

    Thnx πŸ™‚

    _AlyssaIno777 lvl 26

  160. 296

    Anonymous said,

    heyy ppl gems are eary are to find πŸ˜€

  161. 298

    Xx Charlotte xX said,

    Hey I got some gem codes there on my (About me) My ava is Xx Charlotte xX..
    But the coupons only work on August 10th ok.

    ❀ Love;; Charlotte ❀

  162. 299

    arbic boy said,

    hi shannon i don’t know you but i like you i will add you if you like too whare ryou from?

  163. 300

    holly said,

    hey anyone know any gem codes for august! bin lookin everywer all i can find is these fake 20 and 50 fake ones. plz help xx

  164. 301

    roxanne said,

    is there any gem code after 10th august ?

    thanx πŸ˜€

  165. 302

    Newtron said,

    hi.. i luv ourworld

  166. 303

    Anonymous said,

    does any one know a gem code for this month

  167. 306

    Rebecca said,

    im level 40 and my name is beckyieD10 πŸ˜€ i lvoe your outfit 5hannon

    my sister goes on and her name is VictoriaD13 married 2 blueguy55 and im married to ashram πŸ˜›

  168. 307

    Rebecca said,

    hey its beckyieD10 here im lvl 40 and married to ashram i lvoe your outfit 5hannon my sister on ourworld is victoriaD13 and is married to blueguy55

  169. 308

    kr9idofkkjxkgokvjfjlkklj ,b.kf;ovol olkovikgkglk ,b obvgpgvl

  170. 309

    okvkickxlixkjxkjvkllhror;lp kuvg,lvfklckxxzsx’;e[ekori9c7urydf7hurfhuvyhfuyjtduyuduhrir7yu8dyuifid0ot9ii9v ifoii9foio8d9 ofofdioouf89i8fu89b 9ibg98v io 9 igivgugioif8r9fuj iuivoci

  171. 310

    Johnny Martin said,

  172. 311

    john said,

    watz ur name at ourworld

  173. 314

    hi every one i need realy agem code my name in our world sally alrwaidi

  174. 316 said,


  175. 318

    lilmama142 said,


  176. 319

    Anonymous said,

    hi i am not a resident but i am in level 22 and i get 20 gems

  177. 320

    Anonymous said,

    i am level 22 and i get 12 gems cool ,right?

  178. 322

    HEYY said,


  179. 323

    HEYY said,


  180. 327

    itachi07 said,

    <===========Its Rock HeRE!!

    just Kidding guys U rock !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  181. 328

    kye3579 said,

    hey guys i need gems and im lvl 83 but it wouldnt hurt to get more gems i have only got 42 gems and im a resident n i also got 14 992 coins so yea talk to me k

  182. 329

    samaya said,

    yeah this our world is fun

  183. 330

    buzy boo1998 said,

    download the ourworld toolbar if u go on the site
    my ourworld name is buzy boo1998

  184. 331

    kellybabez said,

    guys i get 1 a week
    so ill try to keep u updated
    iv got a 20 one dnt knwif it stil works but try it.

  185. 332

    lilly princess said,

    i need gem codes

  186. 333

    damieo12 said,

    hey peeps iknow a gem code for 99.000 gems i look so kool on ourworld

  187. 334

    CULIOTO said,


  188. 335

    Joanne said,

    i need gems code for octomber 2009

  189. 336

    Anonymous said,


  190. 337

    nor333 said,

    hey do u have a gem code?

  191. 339

    ellou said,

    i need a coupon code 4 gems
    for october.
    tthanx! bye!

  192. 340

    heenu said,

    i am on level 11 but not a resident!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i no how 2 by thins!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  193. 342

    Amrit said,

    add me on ourworld my name is AlayaStar im level 30 πŸ™‚

  194. 344

    hey said,

    Δ±m 28 lvl

  195. 346

    katy said,

    hey i need gems so plz i wont free coupon code

  196. 347

    katy said,

    im on lvl 26 and i have only 8/ gems so plz i really need gem code

  197. 348

    skater360man said,

    sup add me skater360man ourworld

  198. 349

    Anonymous said,


  199. 350

    lulu2 said,

    i reallly need codes

  200. 351

    tudor said,

    bagameas pula nici unu nare niste coduri pentru gems care sa mearga

  201. 352

    r652pads said,

    add me im: r652pads

  202. 353

    jf089615 said,

    gem code: 2987-f617-fa89-590b
    add me im: r652pads
    level 25

  203. 354

    roxanxa said,

    im level 83

  204. 355

    eeeebbb said,

    add me on OW my name is eeeebbb

  205. 356

    Gretukash said,

    its the code for ourworld;D
    <<< 19e9-b552-d189-3380

  206. 358

    amy love91 said,

    πŸ˜› πŸ˜€ πŸ˜‰ πŸ™‚ :O :.( 😦 XP :S

  207. 362

    Lazzonas said,


    check out my blog for allways the actuall free gem codes!

    luv, Lazzonas

  208. 363

    silas said,

    that was so lots of gems i need to get one

  209. 364

    Lucky!! said,

    Hey Yo people :-*

  210. 365

    Lucky!! said,

    Anyone Wont to Now wat level i am i am level 35 Add me i am Victoria702 ;]

  211. 367

    rajneet said,

    i need a gems code

  212. 368

    kieron123 said,

    hi every one add me as a friend on ourworld ive got other 12 people in my group at the moment so ill add you in my group if you like lol

  213. 369

    Jak said,

    New gem code!!:C04F-c161-3a32-DD1A

  214. 370

    valerie lopez said,

    i have nice friendz!they rock!

  215. 371

    buttrefly said,

    I Need a gem code :p

  216. 372

    lolz said,

    im lvl 23 on ow. me username eez xXDreamCatcherXx. respond if you think im kool and tell me ur username and ill add you 4 sure! LOL! πŸ˜€

  217. 373

    Anonymous said,

    hey peeps

  218. 374

    zoexo said,

    thanks your so so awsome

  219. 375

    kevin 442 said,


  220. 376

    emma said,

    plz add me go throw this link and evey time i find a working gem code i will give it u

    E84E1A368500F265 i am prity sure this one works but if not sorry

  221. 377

    jade said,

    hey am level16 how i get a code

  222. 378

    mohammed said,


  223. 379

    tia said,

    can you say me the code for 28.12.2009???plese???

  224. 381

    farzana said,

    if you download the ourworld gem code toolbar, you get a gem code every week, but dnt put the dash inbetween the numbers/letters on , it will say that the coupon is invalid !

  225. 383

    hotty babe said,

    plz give me a voupon which is not expired yet i really need gems
    XD πŸ™‚

  226. 384

    victoria702 said,

    Blah Blah πŸ˜€

  227. 385

    Supo guys umm this is a code HGA2S-ASDCA-AGSFDR leads to 50gems! expires tomoz SO HURRY

  228. 386

    dymond said,

    plz i need a gems code which is not expired πŸ˜€ plz i need 2 give my gf a early valntine gift

  229. 387

    alma said,

    hey eu nu sunt de acord

  230. 388

    jf said,


  231. 389

    sara said,

    aww this expired

  232. 390

    RLUCA said,

    gems code please…

  233. 392

    Anonymous said,


    that is the new code of this week and you get 10 gems

  234. 393

    XxPinkGirlxX said,


  235. 394

    mahum said,

    hiiiii can i plz be a resident on our world plzzzz
    or else can i plz get 40 gems plzzz
    i m cute angle on our world
    cute angle

  236. 395

    Super Tux said,

    Hey! im lvl 55

  237. 396

    ererer said,

    i need march 2010 codes

  238. 397

    ererer said,

    need march 2010 codes

  239. 398

    Anonymous said,


  240. 399

    Emma said,

    I need codes 4 march 2010

  241. 400

    Cristina703 said,

    hi!the gem code has expired:(

  242. 401

    Anonymous said,

    1DF6A6–D–EB32 –9d81F (10 gems)

  243. 402

    eimante171 said,

    1DF6A6–D–EB32 –9d81F (10 gems)

  244. 403

    Allison said,

    how do i get our world gems

  245. 404

    cindy said,

    i need a gem code for april NOT THE 1960’S!

  246. 405

    cindy said,


  247. 407

    karina said,


  248. 409

    nicole704 said,

    hi pls…tell me how to getpincode

  249. 410

    Anonymous said,

    hey whats up

  250. 411

    loluane said,


  251. 412

    Anonymous said,

    Koks ourworld’o gemsΕ³ codas ?

  252. 413

    Anonymous said,

    i love ourworld

  253. 414

    qaranfil said,

    E6FB-A87D-508D-263E new code .)

  254. 416

    cobra 2010 said,

    i wana code geve me 30 gems

  255. 418

    jake said,


  256. 419

    subeyda said,

    hi shannon i need a gem code not a expired one so if ur der tell me plz byexx p.and i read every code but exisperd

  257. 420

    Anonymous said,

    hi, i really ould like to ave a gems code not expired thx

  258. 421

    Ashley said,

    Hay im Ashley umm more codessss please

  259. 422

    Anonymous said,

    Thank you it is handy

  260. 423

    charlie rox said,

    this is just a sad website!

  261. 424

    mrlea said,

    go on this

  262. 425

    rockgirl said,

    hi every one. I have 1 question about this sote’s codes. Are there other codes (not jem codes) in this site and if you know codes please whrite. thank you all

  263. 427

    susy2003 said,

    hey Guys give meh gifts true tht i’ll gift u many things back!

  264. 428

    susy2003 said,

    πŸ˜€ πŸ™‚ XD πŸ˜› πŸ˜₯ True! πŸ™‚

  265. 429

    kekeeee8488 said,

    hey there this web where you can get three codes just go to gogle and put ourworld gem codes and click til you see otte and the gang at top and there a black line ill give you the web. 217a68ca00c7ca81 gem code wait go to ok bye

  266. 430

    kekeeee8488 said,

    no that expire booo

  267. 431

    kekeeee8488 said,

    our gem codes .comt go to get gem ur wecome replyif that work wich it will bye

  268. 432

    kekeeee8488 said,

    44BA-531E-C855-6D9D 1000 coins 530D-F86D-0436-1AC2 10 gems 25BF-A26A-0290-5402 10 gem but you got to connect to face book srry

  269. 433

    kleiket said,

    idk know how to get gems guys this is so bored

  270. 434

    love sinoor said,

    hey i love ourworld i’am hot in ourworld this game is awesome!

  271. 437

    idk! said,

    …………………………………………… πŸ™‚

  272. 438

    idk! said,

    lotta comments! πŸ˜€

  273. 439

    idk! said,

    i do not need 2 know gem codes 😐 ( at the moment )

  274. 443

    Cute girl said,

    I NEED GEM CODES WHICH are new thnx πŸ™‚

  275. 445

    Anonymous said,

    omg i realy ralt need a gem dode anyone no anyfor aprill 2011 i no 2 cheat codes cryptobiologist and test-mode 42

  276. 446

    Anonymous said,

    none of the codes work get a life

  277. 447

    jj said,

    these codes doesnt wrk

  278. 448

    lady gray said,

    hi my name on ourworld is lady gray so plz frend me

  279. 449

    malika said,

    ii Cntt Fiin’D noo Gems .. sum- one HELP !!
    thankuu :))

  280. 450

    Anonymous said,

    hey ummm wats the new code

  281. 451

    kagami hitaishi said,

    hey ummm wats the new code

  282. 452

    Anonymous said,


  283. 454

    maya said,

    just give me 1000 gemsssssssss now!!!!!!!

  284. 455

    gabija7654 said,

    its expired!!!

  285. 456

    monica said,

    I love ourworld but,i hate ourworld…
    gem collecting is too hard :(…
    the ourworld staff do not give 30 or 50 gem codes… πŸ˜₯ πŸ˜₯

  286. 457

    lilylovsyou said,

    hate it is expiered

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